Bradley's Health Care Proposal (RE: West on Bradley's Gravitas

Thu Jan 20 11:44:00 PST 2000

Social Security isn't means tested. Is that throwing away money? Neither is national health in most countries. Or maybe you are not advocating means testing, or think the Bradley plan wouldn't. But why then would they need to know your income? Maybe to find out if they were serving the low income population? --jks

In a message dated Thu, 20 Jan 2000 1:42:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, sawicky at (Max Sawicky) writes:

> the tax credit is refundable and is available to everyone
> whether they pay taxes or not.
> Ah, but only if you file. There are limits below which you don't even
> have to file. In order to get your credit, you have to get the IRS to
> spend a bunch of money to process your paperwork. What a waste!
> /jordan
> >>>>>>>>>>>
> How else would the Gov redistribute income, if not by
> taking some kind of application that indicated one's
> pre-existing income?
> Throw money out the window?
> mbs

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