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Fri Jan 21 11:53:30 PST 2000

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<< The Greens should consider themselves fortunate that someone of Nader's profile would consider running as their candidate instead of savaging his choice of personnel on what I will add are remarkably vague and unclear grounds.

--jks >>

What is so vague and unclear about colluding with police crackdowns, continuous media condemnations of folks who were beaten savagely for nonviolently standing up for issues you supposedly support, agreeing to let those arrested illegally to also be held illegally without food, medicine OR access to attorneys, etc., and, then taking credit for the whole media attention the protests and arrests brought to the cause? There's nothing vague about self-aggrandizement on this scale.

This would not be tolerated in any other campaign. Why it is when Nader's involved must be examined. I hardly consider that "fortunate."


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