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On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Brad De Long wrote:

> >Lessig has a web site for his book:
> >
> >http://what-declan-doesnt-get.com/
> >
> >[the 'declan' in the name is Declan McCullagh, a capitalist
> >libertarian journalist that writes for Wired]
> >
> Let me just say that Lessig would disagree with the characterization
> of himself as "conservative," and McCullagh's positions are more

I never characterized Lessig in any way -- someone else called him a conservative.

> interesting and nuanced than is conveyed by the label
> "capitalist-libertarian."

Interesting, sure, I'm not so sure they are very nuanced. I've read an awful lot of his stuff and he has never met a problem that wouldn't be best solved by the Free Market(tm). He may not be as vulgar a libertarian as some, but I think "capitalist-libertarian" fits as well as any label fits anyone.

Now I find some common cause with Declan, but with the "libertarian" half of the sobriquet, not the "capitalist" portion. I think he is very intelligent and a good writer. I just don't worship at the altar of capitalism as he does. Perhaps you'd like to post an example of his writing that shows that he is not a "capitalist-libertarian"?

Readers may judge for themselves if I have unfairly labeled him; go read his stuff. Wired.com has archives of his columns for them and his own mail-list archive can be fond at the address below.

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P.S. I'd find it very strange indeed if he had a serious problem with this label.


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