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Mon Jan 24 14:43:06 PST 2000

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The beautiful lines Yoshie quotes from the *Cantos* may help us here. Those come from a Chinese history of China (from a Confucian standpoint) translated into French in the 18th century by a French Jesuit. In other words, a certain "China" was part of the definition of "Western Culture" from the period in which "Western Culture" was invented. They are written in a metric which Pound invented first for a translation of another piece of pre-western civilization incorporated into that civilization in the 19th century, the Anglo Saxon poem The Sea Farer, and then combined with a Latin metric (that of Ovid and Propertius) in his first major attempt at a definition of "Western Civilization": Homage to Sextus Propertius.


CB: Well, what's the objective correlative ?


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