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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 14:38:37 -0800 From: Michael Pugliese <debsian at>

Chip writes: ...>The warnings of a "Zionist Occupational Government" popularized in the 1970s and 1980s by the Posse Comitatus, Christian Identity, Aryan Nations, and other Christian Patriot groups are the heirs to this premise.

For those with too much time on their hands and/or a fascination with the far right I "recommend" tuning in via your Real Audio Player or WinAmp (better sound quality, sexier looking interface) to the broadcasts of the Rev. James Wickstrom in Pennsylvania who is a big Posse Comitatus figure. The last broadcast I listened to (they are archived natch) had the Ezra Pound buddy, Eustace Mullins from a few weeks ago. Mullins claimed he was the first to use the phrase "Zionist Occupation Government" in the early 1950's.

I've always wanted to read The Cantos of Pound, Mullins has a biography. He also has a # of books of which , "The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve, " gets cited often in these circles (and Mullins complained that bootleg editions are depriving him of residuals ) Even further out is the work of Richard Kelly Hoskins, very prolific, has his own vanity press, the Virginia Publishing Co. (???). Many works on currency manipulation, etc. and other staples of far right conspiracy theory circles. Buford Furrow, Jr. had a copy of his, "War Cycles, " book in his van after the San Fernando Valley Jewish Day Care Center shootings.

As an aside, what does Chip or anyone else know about these folks that tout a book called, "Votescam, " that alleges a giant conspiracy involving all the TV networks, polling orgs., county registrar of voters, and probably Santa Claus too, in rigging elections here in the good ol' USA. I came across a site called Network America recently from these loons out of Wyoming I think that goes into great depth on this. Sorry to say it reminds me of lefties who take the "Manufacturing Consent" model way too far to explain away the failures of left-liberalism/pwoggieism electoral initiatives and races for elected office to get the at least the 50 % plus one needed to win from the electorate. Go to and you'll finf lots of folks who rail against what they see as a rigged game including everyone from the Conservative and Liberal Establishment to deny them the fruits of their victory. They really believe that all elections are stolen. I traded a few e-mails with an Arizona Patriot who knows Jack McLamb, the author of "Vampire Killer Police State 2000, " who ran for county sheriff outside of Phoenix, and, natch, after that "landslide" for McLamb started coming in the computer at the Registrar of Voters crashed.

Michael Pugliese

"By the time I Get To Phoenix... Jack McLamb Will Be Sheriff.." Jimmy Webb lyric as rechannelled by a cokeaddicted Glen Campbell after they both join the Militia... (Yup, this ex-punk rocker loves his Glen Campbell Greatest Hits CD)

Got so carried away almost forgot the URL for the Posse Comitatus. Here it is The Truth Exposed (11-15-99) w/special guest Eustace Mullins!! This is another MUST listen to show! e-comitatus.html

(and between following the David Irving/D. Lipstadt trial over in Europe over Irving's "Holocaust Revisionist" claims, I'm getting my fill of these folks. Over at Lou's Marxism list see the thread on Evolutionary Psych and Anti-Semitism.

Catch y'all later,

Michael Pugliese, On his way to find a copy of "The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion"

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> Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 11:15:10 -0500 (EST)
> Subject: [prj] [NA] Motive, Opportunity, Votefraud
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> Subject: [NA] Motive, Opportunity, Votefraud
> Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 2:14 AM
> "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide
> Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin
> Jan 17, 2000 NA e-wire
> Today's NA e-wire deals with another background issue which is essential
> to understand in order to grasp the urgency of the votefraud
> investigation.
> Motive, Opportunity, VoteFraud
> Who has the media clout, the money, and the motive to warp American
> elections? Who has the power to keep ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Al Gore, G.W.
> Bush, the RNC and the DNC in line?
> The following was crystallized for me by the research of Mr. Terry
> Hayfield of Findlay, Ohio. Mr. Hayfield is a former union organizer, and
> he was also working with Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald on these
> matters at the time of McDonald's downing in the infamous Korean Airline
> 007 incident. He has been researching for 20 years his thesis that a new
> phase of updated "communism" is being instituted in America, along the
> Trotzky-ite model. His research is impressive, and will require the
> reader to set aside preconceptions and start watching the news from this
> angle.
> One of Mr. Hayfield's lines is: "If Communism is dead, then no one will
> notice if it is being instituted in America." Another one is
> (Paraphrase): "The Permanent Revolution continues to make great strides
> in the news every month - unnoticed by both left and right."
> Before defining the "Permanent Revolution", let's look at some recent
> examples of the "Permanent Revolution's" progress all of which, or at
> least most of which, many of you will have already seen in the news, or
> could easily find in news archives: 1) The merger of AOL and Time
> Warner; 2) the merger of CBS and Viacom; 3) the law changes striking
> down the restrictions on how many media outlets one company can own in
> America: now virtually all major radio stations over 10,000 watts are
> owned by one of three mega-corporations. In Cincinnati, all major radio
> stations are owned by JACOR, or at least that was the company's name the
> last time I looked; 4) It's widely reported that by the end of year 2000
> all banks will be part of one of three mega-banks; 5) Circa 1987 three
> mega office supply companies sprang into existence simultaneously in
> many cities with seemingly unlimited funding; these companies were
> Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot; at that time there were 18,000
> regional and family office supply businesses - today, after 12 or so
> years of the big 3, only 4,000 regional and family office supply
> businesses are left; that means 75% of the office supply business is now
> in the hands of these three mega-companies; 6) On November 12, 1999,
> Clinton signed the Financial Services Modernization Act, which struck
> down all safeguards erected after the 1929 Depression to prevent another
> sudden collapse of the stock market; this Act also struck down all
> barriers preventing the merging of banks, investment companies and
> insurance companies. (The managed or false opposition to this bill, such
> as Rep. Markey of Massachusetts, were only allowed to raise legitimate
> but secondary "privacy" concerns because of just a few companies
> eventually having access to all the financial and health information on
> everybody.) Example after example could be given.
> All the examples above illustrate the trend: every area of human
> endeavor being dominated by about three companies, all of which are run
> by those who have been unfairly favored with virtually unlimited amounts
> of credit from those running the Federal Reserve Board and related
> banks. The virtually unlimited amounts of credit from the big banks is
> used to drive all the regional and family businesses under. I suppose
> having three choices instead of one is supposed to give people the
> illusion that we still have free enterprise. In fact, the current
> "monopoly capitalism" is really a trend towards an updated Communism
> along the Trotsky-ite model. NAFTA and GATT and other so-called "free
> trade" policies are also essential to this new consolidation of power by
> the Permanent Revolution, so that manufacturing can be taken out of the
> USA by these mega-corporations where wages are higher, and moved to
> third world countries where the Ruling Elite exploits workers there for
> pennies a day (disregarding the concept of a living wage).
> Now, this monopoly capitalism is totally opposed to true Free Enterprise
> where everyone is on a level playing field as far as regulations and the
> ability to attract bank credit is concerned. What we have today is
> deregulation on these few "New World Order" favored super companies,
> increasing and burdensome regulation on the average regional and family
> business, and abuse of the available credit in the USA by those around
> the Federal Reserve Board (a private company in your white pages near
> Federal Express in the private section) and related banks which favors
> about three mega-companies in each important sphere of human activity.
> The Permanent Revolution, as defined by Mr. Hayfield and others, is the
> steering committee behind this trend which operates behind the Fabian
> Socialist Society in Great Britain, the Council on Foreign Relations
> (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and the Federal
> Reserve Board. The turning point came in the first three decades of the
> 20th century when this crowd grasped control of the money-issuing power
> in every country through business like the Federal Reserve Board. Now,
> the consolidation of power is so far advanced (but now completed yet)
> that its effects are being felt by every community and almost every
> family.
> The steering committee and coalitions behind the Permanent Revolution
> have all kinds of in-fights and sometimes even kill each other, but this
> working coalition demands support for "free trade" and deregulation on
> their activities to consolidate power, and have been able to achieve a
> remarkable decree of success. That's why ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN Al Gore,
> Bill Bradley, George W. Bush, John McCain, the RNC, and the DNC all
> support NAFTA, GATT, and all of the other pieces of legislation,
> mergers, and trends described above. That's why Pat Buchanan must be
> stopped at any cost, and why Howard Phillips is being censored from
> public view, even though he's smarter and knows more about how to
> restore Constitutional government than Gush, Bore, McCain, and Bradley
> combined. Buchanan and Phillips must be stopped and suppressed because
> they would oppose and reverse the devouring of America by these
> vulture-Capitalists-Communists, and restore free enterprise for all in a
> Constitutional framework.
> It's this group or coalition or network of power, which we have here
> dubbed The Permanent Revolution, which has the media clout, the money,
> and the motive to effect votefraud to perpetuate their program in power,
> regardless of whether a donkey or an elephant is "leading" the country.
> In one of the next e-wires, we will explain why there is now the
> OPPORTUNITY for a relatively tightly knit hierarchy to warp the vote
> count from the local to the national level, and how the control of the
> 3000+ county Boards of Elections and 49 of the Secretaries of State is
> actually exercised in real life today. Another future subject will be:
> how was this Trotzky-ite, Marxist Communist Free Trade Policy brought to
> mainstream America. You will SHOCKED when the most influential
> messengers, well known to you all, are identified beyond doubt.
> There has always long been a global economy. Tea came from China in the
> 1800's. Nobody wants to cut off trade between nations. The issue is
> whether the advances made by humanity are going to be cornered by a
> greedy few with a monopoly on the issue of money, using grossly unfair,
> self-serving game rules (a la the World Trade Organization or WTO), or
> be achieved on a level playing field, in the spirit of true free
> enterprise, where hard work and ingenuity are rewarded, where widespread
> ownership of property and a just living wage for workers are favored,
> and in which the super-achievers who create value and better products
> are NOT penalized. Under such a just system, those who harass their
> fellow man through such Marxist institutions as the IRS, inheritance
> tax, death tax, etc., and those who try to enslave their fellow man with
> usury and money speculation --- would be identified, prosecuted, and
> driven out of their evil business.
> Jim Condit Jr.,
> Director Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
> To contact us, e-mail to: jconditjr at
> or
> netamerica at
> Please forward our messages to friends and opinion molders. The year 2000
Presidential Campaign offers an opportunity to de-stablize the New World Order Ruling Elite and restore honest elections with citizens checks and balances, true Freedom and true Free Enterprise in America.
> Let fellow citizens, opinion molders, pastors, public officials, and the
newsmedia know -- that we will not accept the 2000 Election results unless paper ballots with citizen checks and balances are restored to the process at the local precinct level.
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