Valid Materialist Theory

Wed Jan 26 23:40:23 PST 2000

>Nukes are cheap. The great cost in the military
>budget is non-nuclear procurement and labor. By
>making nukes less feasible, JFK could have had
>the effect of raising the budget, not lowering it.

Yer thinking too much like a macroeconomist here, MBS. On the absolute dollar cost of the military budget, you may be right. But nobody's going to get rich selling uniforms and soup cans to the Army -- too low margin. If you're in the "military industrial complex" game, you're in it to build big-ticket, high-margin, non-commoditised miilitary capital goods. Which at the time, meant nukes.

I have no horse in this race, having vowed never to see another film with Kevin Costner in it fairly early on in his career.

>It was either that or "cancer man."

This one went over my head -- Americanism, I assume?





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