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[excellent pic of someone in a chicken suit being removed by security personnel.]

Clash at Career Fair

Feathers fly as Crackers, "Uncle Bob Sievers" tossed from UMC


Colorado Daily Staff Writer

CU students, career services staff, and the University

Memorial Center security personnel clashed at Tuesday's

"Graduating Student Career Fair" when World Action and

Awareness Coalition of Equal United Progressives protesters

marched into the hall outside of the career fair displaying

a banner that read, "Students are NOT products, Teachers are

NOT tools, The University is NOT a factory!"

The protest came complete with Crackers the

Corporate-Crime-Fighting Chicken and an Uncle Sam look-alike

figure labeled "Uncle Bob Sievers," both of whom dashed

through the hallway handing out flyers to surprised

students. The three-minute protest ended when a UMC security

guard, who refused to disclose his name to the Colorado

Daily, forcibly booted Crackers and "Uncle Bob" out of the



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