death penalty again (was: Responsibility)

Thu Jan 27 09:29:08 PST 2000

In a message dated Thu, 27 Jan 2000 11:53:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, Wojtek Sokolowski <sokol at> writes:

>> In plain English, I think the Left is wasting a lot of energies by focusing
> on criminal justice system instead of the organization of production. But
> that does NOT mean support for the current law enforcement policies either.
> I think that the left's position on criminal justice should resemble that
> of Rosa Luxemburg toward 1st world war - it is a bourgeois struggle, and
> the working class has no interest in supporting either side in that struggle.
> wojtek

What is "the left" that is doing this bad thing? There area lot of fronts of left wing struggle. Many leftists work in the unions, many in envoronmental groups, in peace groups, for racial justice, etc. Some work for real criminal justice. I think all these struggles are valuable and good for the working class. We don't know enough about what makes for working class organization to write any of them off as irrelevant for those purposes. And neither do you, W.


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