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>From: Benton John McCune <jmc164 at casbah.acns.nwu.edu>
>Are there any good books that discuss the World Economic Forum?

Lewis Lapham's _The Agony of Mammon_, which I talk about at http://econ161.berkeley.edu/Econ_Articles/Reviews/mammon.html and which can be ordered online from http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1859847102/doughenwood

However, it is very short--only 80 pages, big print, each page only 6" x 4". It has a total of 19,000 words. Printed with normal margins in 12-point Times, its manuscript must have taken up only 48 pages. For Verso to charge $15.00--6.25 times the cost of xeroxing the manuscript for each copy--strikes me as extremely self indulgent. As someone who believes that in the information age the market power of providers must be disciplined by the fear that charging too high a price will lead to widespread intellectual property piracy, I cannot recommend that the book be purchased...

Brad DeLong

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