Marx and Equality (Was: Why Decry the Wealth Gap?)

kelley oudies at
Thu Jan 27 17:17:50 PST 2000

jordan, who likes my potty mouth, says:

>> Eeew, isn't that a Coors product?

yeah, i was thinking it'd be better to order a bottle of gallo wine [hi mike yates! ;-) i promise i'll write ya back soon!], but i chose coors because it's a classic nationwide redneck beer, til recently. but i plan on drinking it from the bottle, of course.

daniel sez

>Damn, and I thought it was just the painted bottles that seduced me, back
>before the yuppies discovered it I might add.

well...ahem...apparently you don't know or won't admit that the *real* reasons guys drink is because they're looking for a hummer. .it's supposed to make it tastier.

and noonan corrects with:

>Nope, Latrobe brewing company, outside Pittsburgh. They also
>brew Sam Adams under contract. (Or did a few years ago.)

that just sweetens the deal, then.


don't worry doug daddy offline for a bit soon == "Let me eat my heavy revolvers in peace" -Laura Wedner, subtexted

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