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>Chris Burford wrote:
>>I put the blame on the left opportunist distortion of marxism which eschews
>>all talk of reform, and, like Stalin in the thirties, concentrates its fire
>>on progressive middle elements.
>Um, Chris, the worldwide population of such folks is now down to
>about 7,657. How much can be blamed on them? Compared to, say, the
>Tony Blairs of the world?

Everthing. Tony Blair is a extremely conscientious, even scientific, opportunist. Therefore he can ultimately only represent the resultant of forces.

Those who seek the interests of all the working people of the world, even if unconsciously and in a confused and contradictory manner, are addressing strategy.

Therefore while I cannot myself keep up with all the names that Patrick has dropped in his latest post, I think specialists do need to know this micropolitics among the 100 most influential economic officials of the world. Whatever differences we have had and will have again, I applaud Patrick's personally self critical but strategically confident statement, which hopefully we would all aspire to -

>Speaking self-critically for myself, as a petit-bourgeois
>radical internationalist, I think we too often merely follow
>messianic figures around, like the butterflies we and they tend to
>But sometimes the opportunity arises to forge a more durable
>strategy, in relation to shifting or cracking this embryonic global
>state. Which is what several activist meetings in DC and SF last week
>also convinced me of:

Chris Burford


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