Taking a Second Look (was Re: Desire & Scarcity)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Sat Jan 29 17:27:02 PST 2000

Brad writes:
>But at least they wouldn't be hungry, well nourished, and vulnerable
>to opportunistic infectious disease. The verb "want" has a different
>meaning once one is well-nourished enough to ovulate regularly...

And Max said earlier:
>Sign me up!
>Sounds mystical, though not necessarily bad.
>Or put it this way. The socialization of the means of
>production/elimination of classes seems to connote an
>absence of scarcity that does not obtain in *any* real
>economy, where rationing of one sort or another is
>inescapable. Nice to imagine but hard to believe.

On the other hand, Doug says:
>I don't
>think that's possible, nor do I think it's particularly desirable.

And Eric goes further:
>You mean sanitized and uncomplicated. Icky.

Taking a second look at the thread, I suppose that, if anything, I'm closer to Max & Brad than Doug & Eric on this subject, in that Max & Brad at least don't think that lives of well-nourished people who have decent housings with clean water & good plumbing, and who are in a position to enjoy sex and have children if they choose to, are "sanitized & uncomplicated -- icky."

Besides, Max thinks my vision of the communist future sounds "mystical, though not necessarily bad." We've come a long way, Max!


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