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Mon Jan 31 10:24:47 PST 2000

jks quotes Ken Hanly on Rawls:

>> Rawls claims that the natural distribution is
>> neither just or unjust it just is a fact.
>> This completely denies any historical aspect of
>> justice.

and then replies:

> You misunderstand Rawls. He thinks that means that
> the "natural distribution" of whatever (talent,
> wealth, etc.) has no moral claim to be respected
> whatsoever. If things "happen" to be unjust, we have

> to rearrange things so that they are just.

But this raises a question for me: if things "happen" to be unjust, how can we "rearrange" them, outside of an historical context, so that they are just? Does Rawls admit a role for history in the conception of justice or not?

Just wondering, -- Curtiss

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