[Fwd: About the notorious Colonel J.C. Hiett]

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Jul 6 12:44:30 PDT 2000

I think it interesting that in this clearly heartfelt defense by Col. Hiett of u.s. policy in Colombia there is no reference whatever to drugs.


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Here is an email I received some time ago from the

notorious Col. J.C. Hiett, who was upset at me for an

article I have written that accused the U.S. military

forces of being involved in "counterinsurgency".

Solidarity, Dennis Grammenos

__________________________________________ I just wish you knew what you were talking about! The points you make about entering into "counterinsurgency" are completely off the mark and have no basis in truth. The other problem I have, is while your motives are well intentioned, can you even start to imagine what happens if Colombia falls to the guerillas. Last time I looked there are five countries that are neighbors of Colombia - and they are all already having problems with the spillover effects of the guerilla problem in Colombia. Oh by the way 40% of the money the US makes in international trade is with Latin America and we get more oil from Venezuela (Colombia border country) than we do from the mid-east now. Better think about the US economic interests in the future before you propose we let the guerillas take over!

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