Fw: Cuba advances biotechnology and genetic engineering

Carl Remick carlremick at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 28 07:17:40 PDT 2000

>During the day I work for a major science association, so I have some
>understanding of how the scientific community works. It also gives me
>some insights on what the movers and shakers in science are thinking.
>I'm not an animal rights advocate, but I sympathize with their cause.
>I'm not totally against biotechnology, but what I've seen from the
>inside I can tell you that there are sound scientific reasons to oppose
>the introduction of biotech foodstuffs into the open, at least until we
>remove the profit motive from the research and have lots of lengthy
>testing. Based on my reading over the years and my experience working
>for a science assocation, I'd say that the opponents of biotech have a
>pretty solid case.

Hear, hear, Chuck! I think I'm losing my capacity for reasoned debate. I just took one look at English's post and pounded the delete key into my desk. I salute your more appropriate response.

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