Malaysian social imperialism?

Stephen E Philion philion at
Wed Mar 1 01:26:03 PST 2000

Hi Doug, Very interesting. No, indeed calling this guy a social imperialist would hardly suffice as an analytical concept. Nor is he a stooge of imperialism either, the other likely appelation likely to be assigned to him. Though I can well imagine somewhere in the record are meetings between him and AFL-CIO, alas, there's the proof--a stooge!!? Any chance of a transcript of the show appearing somewhere? I can't access it in Hawaii can I?


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On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Doug Henwood wrote:

> I just interviewed G. Rajasekaran, Secretary General of the Malaysian
> Trades Union Congress for a forthcoming Nation feature, post-Seattle,
> pre-A16. He's entirely behind the incorporation of "core labor
> rights" into the WTO, and entirely supports the ICFTU position. He
> also had kind things to say about the AFL-CIO's position on these
> issues.
> Is he a social imperialist too?
> Doug

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