Calling James O'Connor! (was Liquidation Sale)

Carl Remick carlremick at
Thu Mar 2 06:42:26 PST 2000

> Do you recommend taking GM companies into the public sector or not
>the technology at all? My complaint about many anti-GM groups apart from
>the fact
>that they often do not have their facts right, is that they do not
>capitalist corporations and technology and place it under social ownership.

When this subject was debated on this list last year, I maintained the following basic positions that I still affirm:

First, GM does present significant risks in terms of its potential for corrupting the germ line of genetically related species if heritable traits escaped into the wild;

Second, these risks will not be properly managed if entrusted to profit-seeking -- and, in the case of Monsanto, heavily debt-laden -- entities;

Third, there is no urgent need to develop GM technology now -- world markets are glutted with food; and

Fourth, in light of all this, GM technology should not be developed at all under capitalist auspices.

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