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Thu Mar 2 11:45:38 PST 2000

Michael Yates wrote:

>God, they treated animals as if they were humans.

Visiting Germany for the first time Flavien Ndonko from Uganda was shocked when he saw a woman kissing a dog. He got interested in this outstanding phenomenon, and being an anthropologist he made it a research object and wrote a work about the humanizing of dogs in the German society.

Last autumn he presented the results of his studies to a congress "Inspecting Germany - Ethnologists on the war-path deep inside Germany" at the venerable University of Tubingen under the title:

Flavien Ndonko (Yaoundé): Deutsche Hunde. Ein Beitrag zum Verstehen deutscher Menschen [German Dogs. A Contribution to Understand German Human Beings.]

The reification of human relations and the humanization of things are characteristic of societies dominated by the capitalistic mode of production; the humanization of animals is only appropriate to advanced bourgeois societies.

Hinrich Kuhls

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