1/2 of Moscow "poor"

Alexandre Fenelon afenelon at zaz.com.br
Thu Mar 2 17:34:30 PST 2000

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> Aren't these statistics pretty hard evidence (data), in as controlled an
experiment as one gets in the real socialeconomic world, that socialism is superior to capitalism ?
> CB
To answer this question, we must consider other variables. 1-USSR living standards were starting to fall before the transition to capitalism. If this transition never happened, would the socialist regimen be able to reverse this tendency? 2-How are doing other Ex-socialist countries in Europe? 3-Could the failure of URSS be due to a wrong transition strategy? A gradual approach (see China) would be better? One could formulate the opposite question. Would a gradual transition to socialism be a better option for 30's USSR and 50's China. Lenin wrote a text called on cooperation, favoring this approach. Where could I find it? 4-Didn't the former USSR wasted its economic gains with weapons? Should the post 1985 disasters have been avoided if they kept the military budget in lower levels?


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