Germany: CDU/CSU search for right wing leader

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Fri Mar 3 01:24:42 PST 2000

Chris Burford wrote:
> Stoiber, head of the Bavarian CSU appears to have been active in trying to
> find a right wing alternative to Merkel (right wing - all these terms are
> relative no doubt). He was very much associating himself with Ruehe before
> the Schleswig-Holstein Land election.
> However within the last couple of days he was reported to have had a
> meeting with Ruehe, and Biedenkopf, the CDU head of Saxony, promoting the
> latter. Biedenkopf it seems is an older distinguished figure, who would
> presumably keep Angela Merkel out of the top job until the right can
> regroup. Interestingly he too comes from the East, so it would finesse the
> issue of East-West prejudice.
No, no Biedenkopf is a Wessi. He is one of the colonizers, who were sent there to supervise the indigenous people. Whats more interesting about Biedenkopf is that he is an old enemy of Kohl. Before he was sent to the East, he had lost almost all his political influence. Only the intellectuals inside the CDU like him, his nickname is Professor (I think he actually is one). It seems Biedenkopf is hesitating himself to take any responsibility. I think he is over seventy and he would surely be a transitional chairman. Under him all the intrigues will continue.
> However, again, I was suprised to see that another politician from the CSU
> has publically backed Merkel, and this morning teletext reports colleagues
> of Stoiber that he may have to give up his attempt to stop Merkel.
If you cant beat them, join them. OTOH Stoiber can rely that Merkel is going to perform poorly and someone will organize a revolt against her.
> Can this really mean that the CSU is not one smug Bavarian reactionary
> monolithic bloc??
It is. Stoiber seems to be really the strong man behind, but he does not want to close any doors. Furthermore he is clever enough to see, he will never be able to make a successful bit for chancellorship. (Because the CSU is very unpopular outside Bavaria) Johannes

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