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Right wing talk radio junk stastistics. Look at how the correct perception that the political system serves the interests of the economic elites, gets channelled into rightist demagogy.

Michael Pugliese


The Immigration Scandal: What The Candidates Won't Touch Michael Savage March 3, 2000

Part Three of a Three Part Series

(Michael Savage interviews Dan Stein of the Federation for American Immigration Reform after AFL-CIO announces illegal-amnesty support)

Savage: So, Dan, is it all over, your argument, your attempt to keep America? Is your attempt to keep America legal, clean, and American, over? Do you have to fold up your tent and go home?

Stein: Look, I'm not gong to give up the fight. I'm not going to give up the fight. You remember that incident with the Afghani plane that was hijacked and sent into Heathrow?

Savage: Yeah, that joke; that fake hijacking.

Stein: Yeah. Well, again, you're talking about violence, deception, people forcing their way into our country.

Savage: Well, our country's been taken over. Dan, if you could tell me, the AFL-CIO, for all of their problems, for whatever the story was years ago about mob this mob that, at least they backed the worker. And, I'll tell you something, I've been a strong union supporter all of my life, Dan, because I grew up in a blue-collar family. My parents voted Democrat, as a kid, and I understand what the unions did for the average worker, which was pretty good.

By the way, I want to tell you that, in the early days when the unions were necessary, they really made the American worker stand proud and tall and make a better living. But now you're telling me that they're turning their back on the American worker and trying to shaft the American worker by putting a shiv in his back, by bringing in illegal aliens. How is the worker not going to understand that, Dan?

Stein: I think people have to recognize that they can't count on unions anymore.

Savage: How much did it cost, though, since 1986 for illegal aliens to come into this country?

Stein: For everybody?

Savage: Yeah, what would you guess?

Stein: Well, I would have to guess, I would have to guess somewhere on the order of, an off-the-cuff estimate, it would be several billion dollars. I said 78 billion dollars just for the amnesty group in 1986.

Savage: How many billion?

Stein: Seventy-eight billion.

You know, we constantly hear from the liars on the left and the liars of the Demon Cat Party that the worker contributes money to Social Security, to the Social Security Fund, and pays taxes-that's all true. But over and above what they contribute, it's costing we the taxpayer 80 billion dollars?

Stein: Exactly. The direct costs of the amnesty were 24 billion, which is basically 102 billion in direct government services, offset by 78 billion in taxes paid. So the negative there is 24 billion; and then you have to add indirect costs for education, other social services, and for the children of the amnesty recipients; that's another 54.6 billion. The total fiscal cost is 78 billion dollars or a subsidy of 29,000 dollars of taxpayer money for each illegal alien that got amnesty.

Savage: Alright. Dan Stein, you have been doing the biggest job in this country, trying to warn the American worker. Let's forget the New Yorker elite; let's forget the Hollywood and Washington and Boston corridor. Let's talk about the average man and woman in this country who makes less than 25,000 dollars a year. They're the ones who are going to take it in their backside. They're getting shafted by the Democrats; they're getting shafted by Gore; they're getting shafted by the AFL-CIO.

Now before you leave, what about the Republicans? Is there one amongst them who opposes this?

Stein: Only a former Republican, Pat Buchanan. Although I haven't heard his official reaction, he has, of course, been out there quite active talking about the need to control the borders; and I would imagine he's not going to support this. I don't know about Bush.

Savage: Wait a minute. Only Pat Buchanan is speaking against this, this amnesty for criminal aliens?

Stein: Well, we haven't heard any public announcements yet from the Republican leadership. You know, it used to be said that the Republican's have their cheap labor and the liberals have their cheap cause. And here's an example of where the Republicans are doing the bidding of the cheap labor interests that.

Savage: Well, Dan Stein, then this goes back to my most cynical view of American politics, which is that we have a one-party system with a two-card Monte [?] shell game; and that, fundamentally, we're living in Plato's oligarchy.

This is an oligarchy, a government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich; and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference whether Bush or Gore wins-not when it comes to amnesty for illegal aliens. Or am I being too harsh?

Stein: No, listen, our political system has lost complete touch with the average voter. The average Representative in the House is now representing 600,000 people. They bring in money from outside sources, even outside the country. You know, if the Founding Fathers saw our political system today, they would realize it's a sham. You've got two parties that have taken it over. They control the primary processes. They get all their money from the same interests. And the pretense of democracy in Iowa and New Hampshire is a setup for what is all a predetermined, front-loaded primary system.

But, you know, I got a brand-new Zogby pole. It's not even publicly released. It takes a look at what Hispanic Americans believe about such things as immigration. Do you know what he finds? American-Hispanic Democrats are more likely than Republicans or Independents to vote for a candidate of their own party who says we need to cut back immigration levels.

Savage: Well, wait, that's not a shock to me because most law-abiding Italian Americans hate the Mafia. Most of the 20 million Italians in this country are sickened by the God-Father stereotype. They understand. It's the same thing with legitimized Hispanic workers in this country. They're the first ones to suffer from that stereotyping, am I right?

Stein: That's right. And the Republican move to cut back welfare, instant welfare, for immigrants coming over the border effectively doesn't, according to this survey, it doesn't effect Hispanic Americans significantly. So why would the Republicans, in this quixotic effort to get the so-called Hispanic vote, be doing what they're doing and let the AFL talk about what it's talking about here without responding?

The answer has got to be that there are large, significant economic forces in this country that think that the country is nothing but a hotel. It's a place for foreign workers to come in here, work, and send money back home.

Savage: But, look, we know the problem's from the fat cats at the top. But I'm shocked to learn today that the American labor movement has come out in favor of blanket amnesty for illegal aliens and an end to any sanctions against employers who hire them.

This means the end of America as we know it. It's the end of the three principles upon which I have founded my Paul Revere Society. Michael Savage said, "Borders, Language, Culture." It means the end to borders. It means the end to the English language. And it means the end to our culture as we know it. It means America will disappear in our lifetime. Am I wrong about that, or am I being overly harsh?

Stein: No, I think you're right. How can you venerate a legal system that just keeps rewarding millions and millions of people who break the laws and basically give them green cards and rewards them for illegal behavior?

Savage: Dan, before you leave us, has this ever happened in American history before? This flood, this number of illegal aliens, in sheer numbers, in proportion to the population?

Stein: Not in terms of these numbers and frankly, Michael, not since the dawn of the industrial revolution have we seen the people who claim to represent free labor in America take such a bankrupt position.


[End of Part 3 of 3 of the prerecorded Dan Stein interview and the live commentary and announcements by Michael Savage]


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