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Sat Mar 4 10:44:29 PST 2000

From twaters at panix.com Sat Mar 4 10:27:24 2000

What is the meaning of the categoru "Unknown"? Does it mean

that a motive of passion has been eliminated? Or does it

mean that investigators don't know if there was a motive

of passion or not?

"Crimes of passion" are the category of violent crime that are most successfully "cleared" -- the motive is established, the weapons are recovered, the bodies are recovered, and the victim and the perpetrator are known to the police. They are usually cleared with very little if any "police work" ...

The "unknown" category is typically where the least amount of information is known: what was the relationship of the victim to the perpetrator? What were the circumstances leading up to the crime? It does not even include, for example, a victim lying face down in a gutter with a knife in his back and his wallet missing: this is categorized under "presumed to be during the commission of a felony" ...

Crimes of passion are typically not carried out by "criminals" (though their recent behavior is viewed as being 'criminal'). Violent crime where the criminal gets away and leaves the police with no information whatsoever is unlikely to be a crime of passion.

It makes all the difference, since this clearly shows more

killings with motives of passion than killing with the

other known motive.

Your conclusion is exactly false.


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