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"Personality Integration" and disintregration, among and against the NGO set...

This Mihajlo Acimovic has a way with words- he invented a new political "ism" Anarcho-Soroists!

Michael Pugliese

----- Original Message ----- From: Mihajlo Acimovic <skladiste0 at angelfire.com> To: <alter-ee at most.org.pl> Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2000 10:20 AM Subject: <alter-ee> Soros IS NOT withdrawing from Eastern Europe

> >Soros is getting out of eastern europe, just to add to your words.
> >So who will fund the yugoslavian anarchists.Nobody, they will just all
> >emigrate. (like me)
> That is a lie, systematically propagated by the Soros Foundations Network.
In 1995, they said that they`d be out of Yugoslavia by the end of the year. In late 1997 or 1998, they said something either very similar, or literally the same. Today is 2000 and they`re not only still here, but are investing more money than ever. In 1998, the Soros central had sent an internal letter to all it`s employees, concerning the publicised plans for withdrawal, in which it clearly states that they have nothing to worry about. The letter says that Soros won`t reduce funding for any of it`s national foundations, at least until the year 2010. This doesn`t mean that Soros won`t increase funding. Soros is here to stay, Vanja. You can count on that.
> >People try to do things.Not many and not too radical, but you know...what
> >can you expect from a country like ex yu....
> Something other than
see-no-evil-hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil-I-am-the-employee-of-my-Soros-boss-an d-I-am-very-very-loyal bullshit. I expect them to value some things above money. Fortunately, there are such people in ex-yu. Not many, but I`ve always prefered quality to quantity.
> >People can't even do small
> >money things...Its like if you were expecting from the Indians to be
> >anarchists..
> Why yes, you put it precisely. I won`t withold my friendship or even my
support in social struggles just because some people (in this case Indians) aren`t anarchists. But if those people fight against social struggle, if they work for enemies and think like employees... How the fuck am I supposed to react to that? Support them? I still have friends among the NGOists (non-anarchist), but I will not support the activities of their organisations, nor their individual political activities. I don`t like what they do and they`d certainly say the same about me (I`m bad for buisiness). The problem I had with having friends in such circles, is that most people employed in Sorosist groups believe that their buisiness is something they should lie to their friends about and in the best case that "If they want those informations, they can it themselves, so there is no reason for you to tell them". That is how I got to be opposed to NGOists. Not because of their funding sources, but because!
> their minds are mostly sick and corrupted and getting more sick and
corrupted as this year grows old. That is the most terrible thing that The Foundations are doing. They change people, they buy your soul and mould it. They change your mind, until there is little left of the original thing. I know people who had entered all of that just to get a little extra knowledge, or a little extra cash, and are now deep in it beyond help. I think the internal jargon calls it "personality integration".
> And I think I`ve said too much now. Too many ears on this list.
> >And what about GLIB then..
> What about it? I would answer you, I just don`t understand what you were
trying to say.
> Mihajlo
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