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Call For Action

March 30-April 1 - Florham Park NJ Vigil and Protest

On March 30 through April 1 the World Bank and IMF will be holding their Second Annual Financial Markets and Development Conference at the Hamilton Park Conference Center in Florham Park NJ to discuss "emerging markets in the new financial system" and "managing financial and corporate distress." The only factor excluded from their equation is humanity. Many area activists have taken it upon themselves to be the reminder. A festive introduction is planned for the opening of the April Days of Action: we will conduct a 48 hour, round the clock vigil beginning at 5pm March 30, a teach-in March 31 at the FDU-Madison Campus, and a mass demonstration and convergence on April 1.

Cosponsored by Direct Action Network / NYC.

Contact www.bergenaction.net

or s*bscribe to the listserve, send a blank e-mail to: nj-v-worldbank-imf-s*bscribe at igc.topica.com.

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