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Michael Hoover fwd'ed:

> More colleges are offering e-commerce majors in response to growing
> demand for workers with a combination of technical skills and
> business know-how.

see also:


March 3 - "Your homework is to play Quake and then write about it." It sounds like an adolescent boy's dream come true, but this is no dream. Next fall, students at the University of California at Irvine can begin taking courses in the university's newly announced Interdisciplinary Gaming Studies Program. It's the first step toward a "major" in gaming.

"GIVEN THE AMOUNT of money in the gaming industry, you don't really have the flexibility to take risks and do alternative stuff, to experiment more," said Robert Nideffer, an assistant professor at UC Irvine who heads the gaming program. "I think the university is about providing that kind of space."

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