Peter Singer & Vegetarian Dogs (was Re: The Heiress and the Anarchists)

Carl Remick carlremick at
Tue Mar 7 08:30:26 PST 2000

>even if some group is genetically stupid or submissive you cannot treat
>their interests as less valuable for that reason.

I agree absolutely, which is why I believe the fundamental thrust of politics should be to bring about an equal *outcome* society, in terms of material security, not merely an equal opportunity one.

A friend of mine whose father was a corporate CEO once said to me that his father enjoyed the intellectual stimulation of his job so much that would do it even if it didn't pay a huge amount. Such comments are actually commonplace among the corporate elite -- that money is merely a way "of keeping score." These worthies should be given a different way to show off -- maybe gold stars on their forehead or the like. And this goes for the supposed prime movers of value creation -- e.g., all the silicon start-up kings who so abound today. IMO, *all* achievement, no matter how entrepreneurial, occurs in a social matrix -- fed by the knowledge and achievements of the past and supported by the efforts of others in the present -- and should not reward individuals at the expense of society.

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