Peter Singer & Vegetarian Dogs

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Tue Mar 7 11:43:47 PST 2000

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Actually, I was arguing for affirmative action, not against mass murder or sterilization. And I did argue that the concepts did lack validity in that context. If your point is that reasoned argument is not always called for, I agree. If your point is that it never called for when faced with ideologues of the other side, I am mystified. If your point is that it was not called for in the context of an audience that had no chance of even hearing anything Levin said, much less being persuaded by him, I disagree. However, I obviously miscalculated, since the audience reacted, at best, the way you did.

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CB: I don't think Justin is for mass murder or sterilization :>).

I wonder, Justin, in your argument with Levin if it might have helped your rhetoric if your hypothetical had assumed arguendo that white people and men are genetically less intelligent groups. That way maybe you would have preserved your reasoned argument, and had your crowd behind you too.


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