stox question

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Mar 7 12:14:07 PST 2000

christian11 at wrote:

>I want to know roughly how much stock on the Dow Jones and Nasdaq
>are held by corporations--rather than individuals or institutional
>investors. Where can I go to get such numbers?

Hmm, good question. There's no entry for such either in the corporate equities (instrument) or nonfinancial corps (sector) tables in the flow of funds accounts. I guess that's because corps aren't "supposed" to own stock. Their holdings must be buried under the "other" category.

Breaking news: I just spoke with an economist in the Fed's flow of funds section who says they make estimates based on dividend payment data, but they didn't want to share those with me. Otherwise, "there's no good source of data."


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