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Carl Remick carlremick at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 7 18:43:42 PST 2000

>I think you're right to point to a trend whereby the US seems prepared to
>alienate anybody and everybody....
>are they scared of something?

Well, I think there's something to that BBC piece by Rodney Smith that Doug posted the other day: "Many of the IMF's critics believe this change of leadership offers an excellent opportunity to modify the Fund, get rid of the opaque practices and dictatorial habits that brought such opprobrium down upon it after the Asian crisis. But that may not be the main thing in the minds of America's economic planners. They may be looking farther ahead than their European counterparts -- and seeing very unpleasant storm clouds on the horizon." And it would seem they don't want (to take wild liberties with metaphors) some bleeding heart sitting at the IMF controls when that storm breaks.

>looks very much like the Yanks and the Poms are one

Yes, continuing the grand alliance that was so beguiling during the Kosovo adventure. Only question is, who's on top? I'm convinced Blair thinks Clinton's his errand boy and vice versa.

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