Social Protectionism

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at Princeton.EDU
Tue Mar 7 22:25:41 PST 2000

In an insightful and wide-ranging account, Patrick B noted:

____________________ That workshop's "Statement on the Seattle Ministerial" rejected "the widening of the ambit of issues under the WTO through the inclusion of the Social Clause" because the potential value of clauses was outweighed, in the activists' view, by the damage done to power relations through amplifying the legitimacy and power of the WTO. ____________________ Yes, this is the question that could be put to Malaysian labor leader Rajakekaran and other AFL CIO friendly union heads.

Wow, it's quite a relief that someone as knowledgeable as you had reached some similar conclusions/worries/challenges (of course in a more developed and grounded way).

best, rakesh

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