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Thu Mar 9 13:03:58 PST 2000

"I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now, " Bob Dylan, kissing off the Old Left, reincarnation of Woody Guthrie persona. In the Bob Shelton bio of Mr. Zimmerman, it's related Bob popped into a SDS meeting in '63. Also the bizarre appearence of Bob to pick up an award from the Old Left, civil liberties for stalinists who only believe in them tactically and esp. not for Trots cf. Smith Act prosecutions of SWP'ers by FDR, Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (cheap shot, calling Ken, or Carroll for denunciations), after JFK was killed and expressing, "understanding, " for Lee Harvey Oswald, to landlord lefties. (I'm cruising for a bruising, for my rightsocdem sectarianism, ;). At least Bob, performed for SNCCC in 1962 in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Michael Pugliese,

who isn't even stoned...

"Politics Is An Instrument Of The Devil!" Bob Dylan to Jonathan Cott of Rolling Stone after being baptised in white bread pop singers, Pat Boone's swimming pool, circa, Slow Train A Coming.

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