Enrique Diaz-Alvarez enrique at anise.ee.cornell.edu
Fri Mar 10 06:54:11 PST 2000

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Enrique Diaz-Alvarez wrote:
> >Why? I mean, why now? How's a 390 PE any crazier than 200 or 100, or any
> >saner than, say, 1000? Do you think American households' credit lines
> >are about to be tapped out?
> "Rate rise likely as Greenspan issues stern warning."
> - headline in today's Financial Times

Yeah, right. Al is a little man in a little suit shaking on a corner terrified of the enormous monster he has created. Assuming he's smart enough to recognize it is a monster, which I still doubt.

Why would paying 8, 9 or 12% on your home equity credit line make a difference when the NASDAQ returns 40% on a bad year?

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