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I realized that since the school was not named, the writer might be talking about Hampshire College, the "alternative college" in the 5-college system. To complain about abberant leftism there is a bit like being shocked to find gambling in Casablanca. The school is the only place on earth that allowed someone to graduate with a self-created major in frisbee, although the student reportedly got a job at Whammo, so it's not bad as leftwing vocational training :)

-- Nathan Newman

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> > > Interestingly, the campus itself provided a microcosm that proved
> > communism
> > > a failure, despite the views of its inhabitants. Most
> students lived in
> > > on-campus houses of five or six students. They shared
> cooking, cleaning,
> > and
> > > financial arrangements.
> > > I lived with four other people. We agreed to share the cost of
> > food and to take turns cooking and cleaning. But each week, the
> funds came
> > up short as one person or another failed to ante up.
> As a graduate of Amherst College, the communist school in
> question, this is
> the oddest part of the post, since everyone at Amherst eats in the dining
> hall. It's essentially compulsory with no cooking facilities in
> almost any
> of the on-campus housing (again, living on campus is also almost
> compulsory).
> Since a couple of other stories of public life on campus fit stories I've
> heard from more recent graduates, I'm trying to figure out if the whole
> thing is a fake compiled from public stories of PC clashes, adding a layer
> of personal angst to give it bite.
> Although there is little question that Amherst has relatively liberal
> professors and I sympathize with the writers disdain for the particular
> species of limosine faux revolutionary that occasionally stalked
> the campus
> (with the emphasis on faux).
> -- Nathan Newman

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