Braudel on the terms "Capitalist" and "Capitalism" (Was: Frank queries)

Sat Mar 11 14:54:11 PST 2000

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<< "Six years later however, in 1867 the word was still

unknown to Marx."


Couldn't believe it myself. Got out the Ben Fowkes

translation of _Capital_, v1 and checked the index:

sure enough, the term used is "Capitalist mode of

production." Checked v2, translated by David

Fernbach: same thing. Braudel makes the sweeping

claim: "This word which Marx never used was

incorporated into the Marxist model."

-- >>

I would have hoped for better from Braudel. I am looking at Kapital, Band 1, from the Marx Engels Werke., where kapitalistiche Produktionsweise gets a lot of play (see pp. 12, 49, 741-43, 228, 506 636, 638, never mind Kapital and Kapitalist, which take up more than a solid column in the index. Without looking at all the references I cannot say whether Marx uses Kapitalismus, which does not get a seperate mention in the index. I woukd be surprised if he didn't, though. --jks

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