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From a listserver on Business and Economics of all things. Not a bad site, reasonably priced CD source also available.

4. Marxists Internet Archive Touted as the "most complete database of Marxism hitherto made," The Marxists Internet Archive is an extensive collection of Marxist material, compiled and distributed completely by volunteers. The materials are organized into focused collections which are found in the site's four main sections: Writers Archive, Non-English Archive, History Archive, and Reference Archive, an ever-expanding collection of secondary material. The most developed compilation is the Writers' Archive, which contains large collections of writing and information about Marxists including Trotski, Lenin, Draper, DeLeon, and of course, Marx, as well as smaller collections on Cannon, Guevara, and Morris, among others. This site is an invaluable resource for both novices and experts interested in Marxism. [EM]

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