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Jim heartfield jim at heartfield.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 12 05:10:21 PST 2000

The approach of the monopoly capital theorists was always suspect. It involved isolating reactionary capital (auto industry, finance etc) from "progressive" capital, small employers, farmers - all that populist stuff. The auto industry is no more or less evil than any other part of capital. It is the social relation that is reactionary, not a specific element of the production process.

In message <s8c7aea0.026 at mail.ci.detroit.mi.us>, Charles Brown <CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us> writes
>>>> Wojtek Sokolowski <sokol at jhu.edu> 03/07/00 05:07PM >>>
>Baran & Sweezy correctly identified auto industry as the
>heart of monopoly capitalism.
>CB: Yes, the Economics Commission of the Communist Party did too. Sort of the
>top of the economic food chain in the U.S. Is this still true ?

-- Jim heartfield

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