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> By (Almost) Any Means Necessary: Arianna Huffington Gets Radical
> Christine Triano, AlterNet
> She is an impassioned advocate of civil disobedience and a stalwart opponent of the drug war. Mention child poverty in the U.S., and she not only responds with an outpouring of startling statistics, but outrage over how in this era of trumped up prosperity, we could leave so many behind. She sees a system desperately in need of campaign finance reform, with little difference between the two major parties, which she dubs the "pro-choice corporate party" and the "anti-choice corporate party." And don't even get her started on mandatory sentencing.

If Arianna is serious about overthrowing the government, she can start by sending the D.C. anarchists some money, because we are working on that goal on a daily basis and could use some money for coffee and computers.

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