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The Alliance for a Working Economy is a new NYC labor/community coalition working for progressive economic development and economic justice in NYC. The Alliance includes major labor unions, successful community-based organizations and prominent policy advocacy groups seeking to further an agenda of progressive economic reform in NYC. We will be coordinating campaigns to insure that public policy and resources are used to promote living-wage economic development, job quality and equity. Current campaigns underway or in development include community service job creation as an alternative to workfare, a construction apprenticeship program for public sector-financed construction, and corporate accountability linked to NYC tax incentives. We are seeking an experienced community/labor Organizer to help build the alliance, and to help develop and advance campaigns to promote economic justice and progressive economic development policy.

Responsibilities · Help build effective, broad-based labor/community coalition · Help develop and advance organizing campaigns to promote coalition purpose · Organize coalition meetings, activities and materials · Media work to advance the campaigns and build public support · Work w/ leadership to expand and support coalition membership and build effective coalition governance through steering committee · Some fundraising work may be included

Qualifications · Significant labor and/or community organizing experience · Commitment to building the coalition as a vehicle for labor/community organizations to advance a broader progressive economic agenda · Ability to develop and implement a campaign strategy, and take direction from leadership group · Good understanding of NYC political landscape · Sensitivity to needs of diverse coalition members and ability to communicate effectively with broad range of actors (from rank-and-file to City Council members and media) · Excellent communications skills (incl. preparation of written materials) & organizational skills · Ability to recruit and keep coalition member organizations involved

Women and people of color are encouraged to apply.

Send resume and cover letter to: AWE Organizer 141 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 857-4322 (fax)

For more information, call James Parrott at the Fiscal Policy Institute at (212) 730-1551 or Brad Lander at the Fifth Avenue Committee at (718) 857-2990 ext. 16.

Members of the Organizing Committee of the Alliance include representatives of AFSCME DC 37, UNITE!, District Council of Carpenters, CWA 1180, Central Brooklyn Partnership, Community Voices Heard, Fifth Avenue Committee/WEP Workers Together, Puerto Rican Legal Defense & Education Fund, Fiscal Policy Institute, National Employment Law Project, Jobs With Justice.

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