The ten most important events in American industrial history

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>>Something about the service economy, what?

duh. i forgot: stuff on media --tv/radio--hollywood/entertainment industry and the various labor/freedom issues involved. [wasn't there just an ace article about the Hollywood Ten as the victim's of the industry's attempt to avoid gov regulations; that is, hollywood sacrified the so-called commies in exchange for getting the feds off their back. came accross my screen last wk].

the commodification play ----> leisure [which i think y'all missed out on in yer dicussions of environmentalism/animal rights; once this happens we tend to romanticize nature as a haven in a heartless world which, as a number of my environmentalist friends point out, is no more of an advance over the exploitation of nature to extract its resources

and duh: advertising [the role of advertising in the production of desire; branding; marketing. if your bud is doing background reading..... one cool book that connects both of the above is joshua gamson's _claims to fame_. he looks at the organizational logic of the industry in terms of how it sells images [and in turn suggests ways in which we can look at the industry as a kind of material foundation for the very issues that are raised in pomo theories of identity. he doesn't stretch this too far coz it's his diss, but it makes for some interesting thought provoking stuff when you think about pomo and how so much of what gamson uncovers in the "production" of celebrity is related to those seemingly abstract ideas. i guess, for me, he provides a way to think about the link between a baudrillard and a jameson.]

as for IBM: of course there is great footage of the blue suits they wore. he should get the footage of the arch in endicott, ny. it was a gateway to a world fair as i recall and it says something about how technology leads society and people follow. i grew up near the area so i've seen it a lot, but i know that there's footage of it in conjunction with this wicked futuristic world's fair they held in 1940something.




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