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To: Supporters From: New York Musicians' Union Local 802 Re: Apollo Theatre Campaign

*** IMPORTANT! ***


The rally at the Apollo Theatre this Wednesday, March 15, has been postponed.

In order not to conflict with a rally planned by SEIU this Wednesday, Local 802's rally at the Apollo Theatre is being postponed for Wednesday, March 22.

Thanks to the many labor supporters who called us and informed us of the schedule conflict. There was concern that two labor rallies in one day would dilute the success of both.

Cleaners at GoldenMark Buildings have been on strike since last Monday. The workers are fighting to win representation by SEIU 32B-J. This Wednesday they will be rallying outside of the Brooklyn Renaissance Plaza from 2:30-3:30 PM at Brooklyn Renaissance Plaza, 350 Jay Street (take the A,C or F trains to Jay Street/Boro Hall).

Thank you for your support, and all of your wonderful e-mails! We'll see you at the Apollo on March 22!

In case of surprise settlements or other updates, please continue to check the Local 802 hotline twenty-four hours a day, at (212) 245-4802, ext. 260.


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