An Eskimo Boy And Injustice In Old New York

Ken Hanly khanly at
Thu Mar 16 20:36:40 PST 2000

To be clearer: "Eskimo" is not a translation of a an Inuit term used to describe themselves into an Algonkian language. Your examples are translations of terms the English and French use to describe themselves into French and English respectively. The Algonkian language term "Eskimo" was pejorative. The term was adopted by white explorers and passed into general use without an inkling of its pejorative connotations apparently. By the way the Inuit come in two sexes: guys and gals !

Cheers, Ken Hanly

Brad De Long wrote:

> >
> >The term "Eskimo" is Algonkian. It was originally thought to refer
> >to "eaters of
> >raw flesh" but it may refer to snowshoes. In any event it was thought to be
> >pejorative and is not a term from the Inuit language.
> > Cheers, Ken Hanly
> >
> Hmmm.... "Les Anglais" is not a term in the English language. "The
> French" is not a term in the French language.
> So what's wrong with calling people "the snowshoe guys"?
> Brad DeLong

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