Rebuttal to Nathan

Dace edace at
Thu Mar 16 21:32:58 PST 2000

Nathan wrote:
> And as I said then and say now, the speed and coordination with
>which the
> ethnic expulsions were done shows that Milosevic had to have put in
> plans to do it, showing absolute lack of good faith in any
And you think NATO was negotiating in good faith? Milosevic had a contingency plan. We have no reason to believe that he would have used it had he not been faced with a bombing campaign. He offered a fair settlement, with OSCE monitoring of Kosovo and eventual autonomy. What NATO offered, with its unlimited military access to all of Serbia (Appendix B of Rambouillet), was clearly an attempt to force Milosevic to reject the deal, so as to provide a pretext for bombing. NATO was not interested in peace. It was interested in military occupation of Kosovo and destruction of Yugoslavian infrastructure (just like Iraq).

Approximately 2000 people, Serb and Kosovar, were killed in the NATO bombing, roughly equal to the number of Kosovars killed by Serbs. Yet, relative to the Serb atrocities, the number of NATO victims is "completely negligible."


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