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Really should ask ChuckO about this--he IS a wobbly, is he not, card-carrying member of the IWW?

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>The real wobblies were as Ken stated. Only, the Matt Wuerker or Tom
>style of illustration would in my opinion be a better descriptive of their
>choice in graphics. Very realistic bumper-sticker and cartoon art. :o)
>wobblies may have invented the bumper sticker?
>The wobblies were also very American in the roots of their socialism---the
>quote from wobbly Bill Haywood the president of the Western Federation of
>is, I don't know much about Marx's Capital, but, I got the marks of capital
>over me.
>The last real wobbly organization the Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers merged
>the USWA in the early 1960's and they brought Bill Haywood, Joe Hill and
>all the
>rest with them into the USWA.
>Tom Lehman
>Apsken at aol.com wrote:
> > Elena asked,
> >
> > > What does "wobblies" mean - politically?
> >
> > Wobbly is colloquial for a member of the Industrial Workers of the
> > the revolutionary union that stimulated working class insurgency, and
> > particularly the culture of insurgency, in the United States from its
> > founding in 1905 until the 1920s. The Charles H. Kerr Publishing
>Compaany in
> > Chicago, which has published Marx in English since the late 19th
>century, is
> > still in business, being the principal publisher of IWW and surrealist
> > also, whose proprietors are Wobblies and surrealists.
> >
> > Ken Lawrence

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