An antichrist among us

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Mon Mar 20 08:47:43 PST 2000

Nathan--Eusebius, the earliest Christian historian whose works have survived, indicates that there was a considerable controversy among the early Christians over the acceptance of the Revelations/Apocalypse as "gospel".

Here's the url for Eusebius--see Chapter XXV


Nathan Newman wrote:

> Has anyone caught this biblical fiction series LEFT BEHIND co-authored by
> christian conservative writer Tim LaHaye?
> It's apparently a big seller already on its sixth book installment. The
> plot is set AFTER the rapture, where those who have not been saved are stuck
> on earth as the Antichrist rages across the earth. A nice way to cash in on
> the scariness of revelations while illustrating the punishment for those who
> don't find christ in a hurry.
> Add in Pat Robertson's fiction a while ago, and you do have a burgeoning
> fiction market for the apocolypse :)
> -- Nathan Newman

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