AK Steel, Mansfield, Ohio.

Tom Lehman uswa12 at Lorainccc.edu
Tue Mar 21 05:42:01 PST 2000

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We had another bad accident in our mill yesterday, a Steelworker was crushed to death, and a number of other Steelworkers were traumatized by this grisly accident.

The Steelworker who got crushed to death was a friend and former co-worker of one of the members of our education and training committee and he had been a participant and visitor to the LRW.

Last night I went to the funeral home to pay my respects to a friend and union brother who died at 62 years of age. On the way out of the funeral home I saw another friend of mine who had a close call recently when he nearly got blown off the top of a blast furnace. He says to me, we gotta stop meeting like this.


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