Libel Against the Serbs (RE: Rebuttal to Nathan

Nathan Newman nathan.newman at
Tue Mar 21 11:20:56 PST 2000

>On Behalf Of Seth Ackerman

> Human Rights Watch
> Serb Gang-Rapes Exposed
> (New York, March 21, 2000) -- Commanding officers bear criminal
> responsibility for a pattern of gang-rapes by Serbian and Yugoslav
> forces in Kosovo during the NATO bombing campaign, Human Rights Watch
> said in a report released today.
> Human Rights Watch said its research did not confirm the allegations
> that Serbian and Yugoslav forces had set up "rape camps" in Pec or
> Djakovica. The organization criticized NATO, the U.S. government, and
> the British government for spreading unconfirmed information about rape
> while the NATO bombing campaign was underway.

How dare NATO accuse the Serbs of stationary rape centers, when gang rapes were committed only by mobile units?

If I didn't know better, I would swear Seth was making a parody of his own arguments about unfair accusations made against the Serbs.

-- Nathan Newman

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