"Nonpersons" (was Re: [Fwd: THE TEARS OF THE MIGHTY])

Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Wed Mar 22 21:11:36 PST 2000

Thank you Justin. these are not by any means easy political or moral questions. Getty originally in PLP, gee whiz, just like the philosopher Hillary Putnam. How they could have been in group that extrapolated from Marcuse having been in the OSS, (along with Franz Neumann, Paul Sweezy, Manfred Halperin, and H. Stuart Hughes) that in the words of a piece in the late 60's, that Herbert was some kinda cop, oh well we've all made some crappy choices sometimes. ("Marcuse, Cop or Cop-Out?" Compare to :"Earl Browder:Tool Of Wall St.? George Marlen. Or the MLP or the Sparts saying that Jesse Jackson, was in 1984 and 1988. Semi-prescient, eh!)

Two more citations, then I'll get back to the numbers estimates net trwling and snorfling: Robert Thurston's Yale Univ. Press work of a few yrs. ago. Gabor Rittorsporn, in Telos and Victor Zaslavsky too, I think, have written length, on this thesis, of Stalin and the apparatus, not being in control, entirely, of the repression.

Michael Pugliese

P.S. The # of 10 million, is the rough consensus of deaths in the GULAG camps, no? From late 20's to 1954, the yr. after Joe died.

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