Alan's dilemma

Carl Remick carlremick at
Thu Mar 23 07:09:37 PST 2000

>Fortune - April 3, 2000
>Alan's Little Secret: The Federal Reserve's Hidden Agenda
>Part of Greenspan's problem is that investors don't believe he'll
>ever let this market fall in a heap.

Hello, "moral hazard" -- haven't seen you on the scene to this extent since the U.S. thrift institution crisis of the 1980s. Which reminds me of my all-time favorite factoid from _Wall Street_: "If you're going to insure deposits, you'd better supervise bankers pretty closely; the price of the S&L bailout would have funded the presence of 10 full-time bank examiners in every thrift in the country for close to 200 years."

Doug, it will be interesting to see what gee-whiz statistic comes from cleaning up the mess that the impending train wreck in the equities markets produces.

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