Outlawing fascist speech

Curtiss Leung bofftagstumper at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 23 14:47:51 PST 2000

Charles Brown writes:

> If you don't trust states or any other
> of power to arbitrate, why do you trust the state to

> administer the First Amendment and freedom of

Speaking for myself, I don't trust the state -- especially a capitalist one -- to administer the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Which is why I don't want to give the state the power to outlaw speech.

Don't the right wingers, racists, and wingnuts over at freerepublic.com scream that they're the targets of hate speech? Don't you think that *in this country*, *at this time*, laws to restrict speech wouldn't be written in terms of the abstact individual, which, you have to agree, is only an ideological stand-in for actual individual that are white, male, and capitalist? Is that really what you want? -- Curtiss

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