Michael Hoover hoov at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Thu Mar 23 17:09:04 PST 2000

> Charles Brown wrote:
> >This is not a Marxist list, but it is definitely for state
> >protection of Nazi and KKK speech.
> ...and if I had an investment in developing some sort of purified
> Marxism, I'd say that this position of yours isn't even Marxist; I'd
> point to Marx's articles on freedom of the press that Angela posted
> here long ago. I might have even done that a year or two ago.
> Doug

was only a matter of time before above topic (and related ones) arose from lbo dormancy, like a dog returning to its own vomit, must be about time for semi-annual 'Marcuse as Agent' thread...in any event, below is what I posted last time around and, yes, Regis, it is my final answer... Michael Hoover (who really digs list archives and thinks folks should periodically peruse them to get needed fix re. items that eternally return)

Marx opposed state press censorship throughout his life although he didn't write much about it after he was indicted on several counts related to his writing and editorship of *Neue Rheinische Zeitung* in 1848-49. And by that time he was not defender of press freedom per se, but a proponent (as speech to the court in one of his trials indicates) a proponent of a miltitant press that would expose injustice and destroy the existing order. Later, he wrote a bit about bourgeois press distortions of the working class, and, in a couple of reports to the First International, of efforts to prohibit working class press freedoms.

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